"Cooking with Bass" Season 25 Episode 12

"Chip off the ol' Baklava" Season 5 Episode 7

"Chef Rodil is very professional and is a great choice for upscale dinners. Her plate presentation is always beautiful and the food tastes excellent."

 Maria L, Estate Manager, Miami, FL.


meet chef alex rodil

Chef Alex Rodil offers much more than her many years of solid kitchen and event production experience. Having collaborated with celebrity and renowned local chefs one after another her skills have been acquired much like Cuban bread being dipped into a café con leche. Her creativity, talent, and passion for the culinary arts is clearly a demonstration of how much she has retained from all her mentors.

If there was a Jill-of-all-trades, Chef Alex would be the one. She can do it all from setting up a beautiful buffet, presenting dish after dish in passed hors d’oeuvres, creating amazing recipes, handling logistics for large events, leading a team with her hands-on approach or handling multiple stations on a restaurant line. In 2014, she appeared on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen’s Season 5 competing against other chefs and coming out a fan favorite by overcoming an exuberant amount of sabotages from her competitors. Finding that she enjoyed the TV competition aspect of her culinary adventures, she took on Chopped in 2015.  She also added on another title to her resume in those years as Yacht Chef sailing through the Caribbean numerous times to give her guests the best of 5-star dining while cruising to their private destinations. In 2016, she competed once more in the Women Chefs and Restaurateurs National Conference held in New York and took one of the three awards with her teammates. She’s participated in coveted events such as the Food and Wine Festivals at South Beach and West Palm Beach. Her limitations are none. Her favorite answer to all opportunities presented is “Yes.” With a “bring-it-on” approach, Chef Alex has broadened her horizons.

The future is bright ahead for this culinary adventurer and she is definitely one to keep an eye out for. 

On The Fly is kitchen lingo for "get it done now!" That is exactly the attention to detail, performance, and ability that Chef Alex has to get all your culinary needs done to perfection and with passion and heart!

Personal and Private Chef and all your catering needs and more.